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State and National Chess Champion Daniel Vellotti is the Founder and CEO of the successful and popular Vellotti's Chess School. Established in 2004. his company offers the most comprehensive children's chess coaching systems in the U.S. Coach Vellotti has developed his own very fun and original kid-friendly curriculum for every age group from preschoolers through teens!



His signature "Little Chess Masters" and "Young Chess Masters" programs are offered in a variety of venues from preschool elective classes to elementary and after school enrichment programs. Coach Vellotti's proprietary "Teaching and Learning" storytelling method allows all children to feel comfortable in playing and improving their game. He is also the proud trainer and dad of 17 year-old International Master Luke Vellotti, a rising chess star and one of the best youth players in the world!

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Building Young Chess Masters

Daniel Vellotti has taught thousands of children how to play and improve their chess.

Chess exercises memory, concentration and logical thinking, and studies show that kids who play increase all those skills.

Vellotti's classes, camps, and tournaments all present chess in fun and creative ways, and the school has been named the 1st Place winner of the Nickelodeon's Parents Picks Award for Best Children's Program, Read an Idaho Statesman article below!


Meet Team Vellotti

After a chance discovery, Coach Vellotti found a chess set & learned to play from his grandmother.

He went on to become a State & National Champion, built a successful and popular business, and taught his two sons to master the game.

Now Carl is a 2x High School Champion & International Master Luke is one of the nation's highest-rank titled player.

What a huge difference one person can make!